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A body of a local pharmacist was found in Andrew Peck car park with suspicious poisonous plants.

The police have interviewed four suspects on suspicion of the murder in relation to the body found in the Andrew Peck building below the block of apartments, where the body of Mr Denton was found in his own car at around 8.30am. He was last seen by Mr Hyde a neighbour and also suspect, at around 8.20am.

The police have conducted a number of interviews between the four main suspects. Police detected a number of different plants in the victim’s car and in the possession of the victim. Mr Denton was a pharmacist in his local pharmacy. On the 14th of June Mr Denton had reported symptoms of dizziness, vomiting and diarrhoea which carried on through the 18th of June when he was rushed to hospital with dilated pupils and severe vomiting. The police uphold suspicion that the poisonous plants are in connection to his murder, however, a bullet was also found in the boot of the car. As a result, the ongoing investigation for the weapon has been conducted. Mr Hyde’s boss, Miss Ivy Poison, is one of the suspects in questioning who describes herself as “not a violent person who continually felt intimidated and pressurised by the police” and therefore labelled them as ‘unfair’.

Although she said she had nothing to do with Mr Denton’s murder, she did label him as an unfriendly character who had many disputes as they never saw eye to eye. She also claims that she left the block of flats and drove to work at 8am.

Miss Ballistic is Mr Denton’s girlfriend of seven weeks who claimed to be in distress and very distraught to hear of her boyfriend’s murder. She claims that he never had any known enemies or known trouble, although he did have a few disputes with his neighbours. She claimed that Mr Jekyll, another neighbour in the flats, who Miss Ballistic met in a bar earlier on in the year, became very obsessive and watched her on numerous occasions. Subsequently, Mr Jekyll, began to threaten her that she should be with him and not Mr Denton. He was described as a lonely man whose childhood was perceived as trouble. Therefore, Mr Jekyll has emerged as a suspect of their jealous relationship as well as the murder.

The police have arrested Miss Ballistic and Mr. Hyde and the two will remain in custody until the trail hearing where they will be up against a murder trial of Mr Denton.

K.Heatley and N.Hargreaves


Stop Press: Murder Day


A middle aged man who lived in the Bletchley area of Milton Keynes was murdered 25th June 2013. The body has been named as  ‘Mr Denton’.

On the morning of 25th of June 2013, Mr Denton was found sat lifeless in his green Hyundai. A phone call was made to the police at 8:30am. The first officer on the scene speculated that Mr Hyde was shot. The physicist then joined the officer on the scene to measure the projectile of the bullet and at what height the gun was shot. It was then established that the shot came from a second storey building opposite the car, which happens to be a block of low-rise flats. The physicist ‘s worked out that it would take an average man 4 minutes 24 seconds to walk away from the scene. The lead forensic scientist, Sharon, seemed outraged at how the key evidence has been touched and tampered with.

Suspect Interviews

Mr Hyde – left the car park to go to work at 8:20 this morning. He found Mr Denton in his car ‘sleeping’ and then left the scene of the crime to go to the local butchers where he works. In terms of their relation Mr Hyde did not know Mr Denton personally but saw him often. He also said he had no experience with guns.

Mr Jekyll – was also leaving the car park to go to work. At 8:20 he left to go to work at the local Pharmacy. He said that he did not know Mr Denton personally, but he has seen him before. He claimed “I saw Mr Hyde putting a gun into his car”. This took place at 8:30, moments after Mr Denton was found dead.

Miss Ballistic – At 8 am, Miss Ballistic left the car park to go home. She teaches a class involving leaves and coins. Leaves were found at the scene of the crime. During the interview, Miss Ballistic was very defensive and seemed to bite back at anything she was asked. She changed her story multiple times and started to avoid eye contact and stuttered many times. This should give us a big cause for concern about the legitimacy of Miss Ballistic’s alibi.

Miss Ivy Poison – She kept her cool during the interview and showed no signs of stress. On the surface she seemed to have little involvement in the whole escapade and was distant from Miss Ballistic. Miss Ivy Poison works at the local pharmaceutical company. Says she has no experience with weapons.

By R. Parkinson and Dr J. Pounds

Time for a Freudian Slip – I mean Trip!

It was off for our annual adventure to the Freud Museum. Armed with a group of enthusiastic AS students, we headed off. What a trip it was. Although the museum is small, the staff make the whole experience both entertaining and thought-provoking. We were not only told the gossip about Freud’s private life, but also entered into a healthy debate as to whether any of Freud’s theories could be considered scientific. We also considered the ethical implications of making notes during counselling sessions. It was great to see the students still discussing the issues raised a few days later. The museum is actually Freud’s house, which he shared with his daughter Anna. You can see his therapy room and the infamous couch.IMG_1332 It is probably one of the most tranquil places that you can experience. There are letters to Freud from various famous people and information about his theories and his life. It is a truly inspiring place to visit. As tradition dictates, we then took the students down the road to the Freud statue and had our picture taken with him and then were thrust back into reality as we negotiated our way back to Milton Keynes on public transport.

Murder Day 5 – This time it’s personal.

So the scene of crime had been set up and the suspects briefed as to why they might have wanted to kill Mr Denton.IMG_1339 Poor Mr Denton, no one likes him very much. The day kicked off with the Forensic scientists in full CSI gear, gathering evidence from the scene of the crime. Amongst the clues were several poisonous leaves, which were analysed by the Biologists. They cross referenced their findings with Mr Denton’s pathology and Dr reports and came to the conclusion that poor Mr Denton had been a victim of poisoning, though that is not what killed him. It seems our murderer was impatient and ended up shooting Mr Denton. The Physicists established that the gun had been fired from the second floor and ascertained how quickly the suspect fled from the car park. The Psychologists drafted an offender profile and then questioned the suspects, using the Reid Technique, a technique that is not allowed in this country. Fortunately, the lawyers sat in to ensure that the suspects rights were respected. Whilst the lawyers prepared their cases for court, the other students either had a talk from a prison psychologist or spent some time building a housing estate out of boxes. It has been established that certain environments can attract crime. The students’ original remit was to build an estate that would discourage crime, but it seemed far more fun to create one that attracted crime, and so that is what we did (dark alleys galore).IMG_1349 The English students filmed the whole day as well as creating both tabloid and broadsheet articles. You can find these posted on the blog. As ever the day ended with a full blown trial. The accused, Miss Ballistic, tried to look sad as she gave her evidence. We did not find her display convincing. The forensics team and Psychologists gave their expert opinions and the jury….? The jury were split 50/50 and so Miss Ballistic walked free.

Grrrr – Beware the Anchordemics

It was our second time as a scratch team in the national dragon boat competition at Caldecott Lake. Secklow 100 very kindly took the Academic Studies team out on the Grand Union canal for a few practice runs and the weather was kind to us as we heave-hoed up and down.IMG_1278 Then came the big day. Last year, we managed to come first out of the scratch teams. This could have been because we were the only scratch team to enter. This year we had some fierce competition. Five other scratch teams had entered and we were up against the professionals as well. The day began with most of the team present and correct and we started with an attempt at a warm up. Then came the 200 metre races, followed by the more strenuous 500 metre races


We did pretty well, gradually increasing our speed throughout the day. However, the average age of the team went down, as we recruirted new members as we went along. We also managed to remain upright, unlike one of the teams who added a bit of drama to the day, by sinking.IMG_1326 It took a motorboat and 2 dragon boats to save them. We came third in the end out of the scratch teams and won a trophy. And thus ended another exhilarating day, we went home tired, stiff and ever so slightly sunburnt!

Are We Safe? Part 1 By Samia

A gentle breeze gushed past the silver fir trees, rustling the loose, crippled leaves that scarcely hung off the bare twigs. The sky had turned a depressing shade of grey, with crows screeching as they soared in the air. As though the sun had been hidden, thousands of shadows stretched over the city, and street lamps were flickering in an attempt to fight the impeding darkness. The streets were unusually silent, with such a strong quietness the sound of the strong breeze brushing against the trees echoed miles away. Amongst the drab buildings sat one very special house; it had a small, open window with black curtains.  The corner of one of the curtains was torn so that innocent passers by could just peek into the small living room. The room was just recently painted white; it was plain and lacked pictures. A 70’s style stripy arm chair shoved up against the wall, facing the small tv on a perched on a rickety table. The owner of the house, agent Rene Leather (CID), was getting ready to leave the house. She pinned her long, curly brunette hair upwards, and put on her thin, black, silky jacket. She wore her favourite lengthy trousers and matching flat shoes. As she was tying her silver scarf across her pale neck, she could just hear small echoes coming from the living room. She entered, still tying her scarf, and watched the news. The local news story headlined; The Burntwood Murderer Returns; Are We Safe?

Playdough and Pipecleaners

This week the students were learning about the immune system in Psychology. We are interested in how stress has an impact on it. However, the word ‘Biology’ can strike fear into some of the most sensible of students and so we took a ‘softly, softly’ approach. Out came the play dough and we made our immune system characters.

First up is the Natural Killer Cell – which fights antigens. So what better than a ninja.IMG_1041

Then is the Antibody who attaches itself to an invading agent and slows it down. A big cheer for are muscle-bound bouncer.IMG_1038IMG_1039

This is swiftly followed by the B Cell, who attacks invading agents in the blood cell. He is characterised by the scuba diver.

And finally it’s Marvin the macrophage (name is borrowed from the Biology department). He ingests antigens, hence the knife and fork.IMG_1042

It may sound bizarre, but it does work and this year we branched out and used pipe cleaners and fluffy bits as well.